Ants Carrie

Living off the coast of Tutukaka northland, NZ, Ants is inspired by the surf, beautiful coastal forests and subtropical climate. He is a surfer, musician and doctor. Recently he picked up a paintbrush and discovered his talent for art.

Carrie's "Tikiscapes" are inspired by the Hawaiian tiki culture and New Zealands unique coastal geography. His paintings are filled with themes of fire lights, distant volcanos, God like tiki icons and his love for waves.

South Piha

The viewing platform or "Tasman Lookout" at south Piha depicted here is one of Ants's favourites of all time. Step into the rugged & rocky beauty of the west coast, with a grandstand view of left-hand waves peeling off the camel.



A tiki guarded garden sets the scene in this colorful depiction of iconic & long left-hand point break at Ahipara or 'Shippes' (so called for the ship wreck that remains visible in the bay).  A tropical garden is a nod to the winterless norths temperate subtropical climate. Nikau and cabbage trees flank the path leading to the blue tiki.


The Bar

tutukaka, surf, barA classic Tutukaka surf spot. The mystical break resides at the entrance to one of our estuaries.  Here two guardian tikis take the place of the the red and green channel markers. Ancient Pohutukawa cover the headland.

Framed Limited Fine Art Print



Probably the most iconic beach on the Tutukaka coast. Reds and oranges dominate the sky in this warm, sleepy, summer dreamscape. Characteristic kiwi baches line the dunes divided by gnarly old Pohutukawa. Strange lights (a puffer fish lantern, skull torches and a bathing tiki) play on a blend of native and tropical flora in the foreground.


Visitors to Sandy Bay

The iconic local Tutukaka Surf break 'Sandy Bay' sees its share of visitors....

Here the dawn light frames the distant Poor Knights while a lone surfer surveys the waves, and an aircraft surveys the surfer.


The Gallery

The Cafe

The Sculpture Garden