Dean Corbett

Dean Corbett is a New Zealand contemporary artist who creates contemporary paintings and kauri limestone stainless sculpture. His bright, minimalistic and organic approach to landscape paintings challenges the viewer to see nature in a new way. 

Looking West

New Zealand's beautiful surf and wild beaches are interpretted by Dean Corbett in this contemporary painting through bold line and color. 

Acrylic on canvas: 760 x 600 mm 


Black Sands 1

Black Sands 1 is the first of a triptych series created by Dean Corbett in 2016. 

This acrylic on canvas depics the smooth serenety of NZ beaches. 

Origional acrylic on canvas: 600 x 760 mm 


Developers Dream

Peer into the Aotearoa's wild coast in this untamed contemporary painting by Dean Corbett.

Origional acrylic on canvas: 760 x 600 mm 


Shelter from the storm

Revel in the calm, reflective water below the wild landscape and forboding storm depicted in this contemporary painting by Dean Corbett. 

Original acrylic on canvas: 600 x 760 mm 


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