L A V A   G L A S S

Lynden Over, master Glass artist, and artist Christine Robb, met at art school and have worked together on their creative vision, since graduating from their Bachelors of Applied Arts at Northtech, to create Lava Glass.

Starting from a bare block of land in 2002, Lynden and Christine have continuously developed the space to incorporate a world-class gallery, an award-winning cafe, and a garden of national significance, all adjacent to the bespoke studio space for Lynden to create his masterpieces.

Together they work constantly striving for new innovative ways of depicting the New Zealand landscape in glass. The dramatic landscapes are the inspiration, glass the canvas.

Lynden works with Christine on colour solutions and then with Chris Jones to bring together the spectacular artworks on display in this gallery.

Happy Days


Wonderful Wai




The Gallery

The Cafe

The Sculpture Garden