Paigey-Leigh Williams

My work centers around animals and the quriky situations they are in. Sometimes dark and surreal, sometimes cute and lighthearted.

My real name is Paige Williams, with the "Leigha" coming from my middle name "Leigh". I was born in New Zealand in 1997 and grew up in Auckland where I currently still reside. My interest in painting began with my Grandfather taking me to painting classes when I was a child. It wasn't until late highschool that I really began to take a deeper interest in painting, creating twisted and shock provoking artworks. I have always painted animals, and will usually include surreal elements both dark and light in nature.
Now I work in a small studio set-up painting what interests me at the time, as well as doing commissioned paintings.

Red Panda




The Cassowary

An homage to this Jurassic bird, the cassowary, and Australian yellow cicadas.

Acrylic on smooth canvas, 2017, framed

Width: 43.00cm

Height: 56.00cm



wolf, monarch, paigey leigh, yellow ribbonAcrylic on smooth canvas, 2017

Width: 60.00cm  Height: 90.00cm

At first glance it's just a wolf, but in amongst it there are three factors
that represent three of my favourite band's albums...


The Gallery

The Cafe

The Sculpture Garden