Pete Dinkelacker is a studio furniture designer and cabinetmaker, his main objective is to handcraft high quality furniture with clean and beautiful lines. Not excessive but always noticeable are the subtle curves and tapers as well as the exposed joinery details as Pete is passionate about using the most appropriate and proven traditional hand-cut joinery in his furniture. His style of solid wood furntiure is most similar in design craftsmanship to Scandinavian furniture, inspired by his grandfather who was a German Master Cabinetmaker who did part of his training in Scandinavia, Pete is also inspired by similar Japanese furntiure. 

He has been working with wood for over 25 years and prior to becoming a cabinetmaker he was a trained mechanical engineer with many years experience in mechanical drafting and machine design. Born in South Africa to German Parents he has been living in New Zealand for 16 years, he and his wife Sue who is an accomplished wood carver and sculptor live and work from their home in Kauri, Whangarei. 

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