"Over the last decade my glass adventures have taken me just about as far away from home as is possible.  I was initially educated at Wanganui Ucol and then in my final year I won a scholarship to study Glass Design for a semester at Pukeberg Design School, Kalmar University Sweden. Doors opened and I ended up staying in Sweden for five years learning from some of the best glassblowers in the world.  I had the privilege of an apprenticeship followed by study at the Orrefors Glass School and later employment there.

Now I have returned to my roots and am combining the influences from living in our young island nation with the skills and traditions I acquired during my time in Scandinavia, where they have been blowing glass since long before the Europeans first arrived in New Zealand."

Sugar Mice

"My mother has a very early memory of sugar mice balanced on the Christmas tree branches in pre-war London. Many years later whilst visiting England, I was determined to find her a sugar mouse and had success in a tiny old fashioned sweet shop on the cobbled streets of York. By the time he had travelled 18,000 km home with me and became slightly sticky, mum's sugar mouse was ready to be immortalised in glass."


Urchin Dish

"My childhood summers were spent roaming beaches always on the lookout for interesting shells. I clearly remember the very first sea urchin, tossed up at the high tide line jumbled in a pile of seaweed and to me it was the most wonderful mysterious thing I had ever seen. Even now finding urchins washed up on the islands in the Hauraki Gulf brings me happiness so I just had to cast these lovely magical creatures in glass."


Cast Glass Objects

"These little houses came about in response to the Covid 19 lockdown when people were sae in their homes. Being fortunate to have my workshop on site, it seemed fitting to design some small works of art as a reminder of these times and how our Team of Five Million pulled together."


Glass Kinas


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