Sofia Minson

Inspired by her Ngāti Porou Māori, English, Swedish and Irish heritage, Sofia paints striking and sacred art. 

For Sofia, making art is about connecting our modern human experience with the wisdom of our ancestors. 
With each brushstroke, Sofia explores powerful themes that are both deeply personal and profoundly universal; of Māori mythology, Mana Wahine (Divine Feminine), and the mana (integrity) of generations past.

“Painting awe-inspiring characters is both grounding and uplifting in this fast-paced digital world. I hope their stories and presence can provide a sense of connection for people.”


owl, ruru, morepork, gold, black, triangles, mandalaRuru is a painting about re-membering ourselves - putting ourselves back together. Ruru, or the morepork, is our native owl in Aotearoa. He is a mysterious messenger, understood by Māori as a herald communicating between worlds – mortal and spirit, material and sacred.

7/175 2019 Limited Edition canvas print - 840mm x 1360mm


Aroha mai, aroha atu

"Aroha mai, aroha atu" is a Maori proverb meaning "love received, love returned." To the artist this work describes balance and symmetry. To show that opposing forces (positives and negatives, darkness and light, masculine and feminine) are present in all things, constantly balancing each other out.  

Regular archival paper - 820 x 520mm 


The Navigators

In this work we see culture and civilisation relentlessly voyage into the wild, untamed realm of nature. This is a very important painting that brings together 13 years of Minson's ideas and techniques.

"All of us come from a long line of ancestors, of survivors, who navigated undulating oceans of countless lifetimes in their own way. These paddles with Māori and Egyptian symbolism honour our tupuna who migrated across the Pacific, voyaging by the stars." - Sofia Minson

13/95 2017 Limited Edition Print - 820mm x 995mm framed, 543mm x 740 print dimentions 


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