We are entering a new stylistic phase with so many Asian influences and Lester Hall feels it pertinent to play these out, to relish and enjoy them. Pop culture becomes our fabric and "Blue Lady" is an example of where his art is headed, pop art statements of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

"When I was about six years old the Tretchikoff print "Chinese Girl" now so ubiquitous arrived on the living room wall of my family home. That same work resides on my living room wall still. "Poll Tax" came out of my studio over five years ago. It is a direct conversation about the surcharge on Chinese immigrants based solely on their race. Many Asian New Zealand families have identified strongly with the historical reference and update of character in the portrait. This new incarnation of the famous, now Kiwiana icon "Chinese Girl" or Blue Lady as many call her is a move further forward into the "Third Space" commentary of my work. Third space being where cultures meet, meld, and unify as a blended outcome." 

Frames Artist Print: 670 x 780 mm

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