kaka, heartSofia's inspiration for this piece came from the whakatauki (Māori proverb): "Te tōrino haere whakamua, whakamuri." | "At the same time as the spiral is going forward, it is returning"

The double spiral on the chest of the Kākā bird symbolises life's journey forward, which ultimately takes us to the centre of ourselves. In painting this work with its intricately spiralling koru, Sofia was enjoying this sense of dawn and new beginnings.  The fern leaves and Māori designs are also joined by a Mandala at the Kākā's heart centre for the purpose of establishing a sacred space. The painting consists of layer upon layer of washes of acrylic paint with intricate patterns of ink-like vinyl paint called flashe.

18/175 Limited Edition canvas print - 840mm x 1361mm


Dimensions: 840 mm × 45 mm × 1361 mm

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