Welcome to The Gallery & Café at Helena Bay Hill

The welcoming committee

The gallery opened in December 2003, the brainchild of Peter Brown, who lives on site. Peter, who owns and operates the gallery, started developing the property in 1996 from a bare site, in anticipation of opening a gallery and garden to best show off local artwork and create an environment for visitors to enjoy. The gallery consists of four open-plan rooms at about 200 square meters with the surrounding garden providing an ideal backdrop for sculpture and outdoor artworks.

Shortly after the gallery opened, Pete was approached by a German couple, Julia Nuechter and Uwe Krohmann, who were touring New Zealand and had decided to make their home here. Two years later the cafe opened and then after 12 years Julia and Uwe sold the cafe Business to Janet Pope who was a close neighbor.

The gallery and cafe combine to make a special experience, the gallery with a wide-ranging and eclectic selection of Kiwi art. This includes over 150 artists, both established and emerging, with many from the Northland area, and encompasses bespoke furniture, paintings, sculpture, glass, ceramics, and jewelry. You are sure to find something in the gallery to fall in love with!

The fully licensed cafe too provides something for everyone: a terrific menu, great coffee, a large range of cakes all made on-site and that stunning view of the coast. Truly a case of food for both body and soul.

Those of you have visited the gallery in the seventeen years since it opened will have been greeted by Pete’s beautiful Newfoundland dogs, which have unfortunately all passed. Pete’s dogs are an integral part of the gallery, and an attraction in their own right. Our furry “welcoming committee” will greet you at the carpark and escort you to the gallery.

You will receive an enthusiastic welcome from our newest St. Bernard greeter, Leo. He loves the role, especially all the attention and cuddles, and has become very good at posing for photos. Be aware that he is just a pup, and is very playful.

If you travel to the gallery with your own dog in your vehicle, please respect our boy’s “patch” and leave your dog in your car.

Visit the gallery, then relax in the fully licensed cafe, enjoy the view and the delicious food, or wander in the sub-tropical garden and enjoy the beauty and serenity.