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Damascus Rolled Snakewood

Damascus Rolled Snakewood

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Damascus steel is steel that is comprised of a number of layers of steel that are forged on top of each other. In the past this was done to end up with a pure and top-quality type of steel. Today, however, it has become an art form. Damascus steel is often comprised of a couple types of steel. With a different carbon content, for instance. As such the structure of the layers is more visible. After forging it the steel is chemically enhanced. Because some types of steel respond differently to this chemical modification the layers become visible. The result is a stunning almost wood-grain like pattern. Remarkable!


This Deejo pocket knife has a handle made from snakewood. This wood originates in the woods of Suriname. It is not completely clear how this type of wood got its name. Some say that with a little imagination the spots on the wood look like the letter S, while others claim that the spots look like the scales of a snake. It doesn't really matter which one it is, this type of wood is very unique! Snakewood is often used for exclusive pocket knives because of the stunning pattern and the fact that this wood can nicely be polished.

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