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Sandra Whyte

Jewels in Time

Jewels in Time

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Now this one took some planning!
For ages I seemed to be telling my tramping buddies about the plan in my head to paint a baby kiwi sitting by a bank with a glow worm lighting the way and a few of my favourite plants setting the scene.
The response, ‘even I could paint a glow worm-puratoke, it’s just a dot of white’! Well…no it’s not.
One of nature’s jewels with sparkling fishing lines waiting for an unlucky bug, the worm rests in his hammock needing only to search down a line for dinner.
The ‘Light’… it’s hard to be glum with a light on your bum! Or so they say.
A little Northern Brown Kiwi sits in the shadows, comforted by the silver fern.
Just look at those powerful feet, ready to ward of the nasty predators lurking in the undergrowth.
Mum laid the egg and off she trundled leaving Dad to make sure of a safe delivery and teach the ropes once out of the burrow.
Kia kaha Kiwi.
Be strong Kiwi.


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